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Advocacy & Education

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Enabling AI

To the Artifusion way where we fuse Intelligence with business needs, technology advances and create solutions that are independently intelligent.

We are a young company with lots of experience. Our team and partners bring a plethora of knowledge that is enviable.

At Artifusion we encourage free thinking, after all our core belief factors around the fact that the world is changing and that we are the facilitators of this change.

We are not just futurists, we are creators as well. 



  • By creating disruption
  • Changing value creations norms


We exist in order to facilitate the AI enabling of our customers and partners' business objectives.

 Our objectives are to bring AI capabilities to new, existing and systems under development.

Our agnostic intellectual assets and Zoetic framework can help in writing AI logic that can be used across technologies and AI themes.

We partner with AI constituents and enthusiasts who share our vision.

What We Do


  •  AI logic
  • AI systems

Partnership opportunities

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